Feminista Encuentro pt 2. Hyping each other up as a means of empowerment. By Jenesis García

Hyping each other is a colloquial and culture term that means empowering each other when we take pictures. The way that looks like is when someone is taking a picture and we all help to raise her self esteem. As a collective we are all telling her she looks beautiful. We do this through phrases like YES QUEEN!!

Once we had finished the discussion with the feminist hip- hop artists we organically transitioned to taking pictures of each other. My heart felt joy as we were doing this. It was a praxis of being there for one another. And destroying the patriarchy. Yes, sounds wild. Although this is true because many of us women are defying western standards of beauty through being confident for the wholeness that we are. We have been fragmented and made guilty for being a women.

Hyping each other up is an expression of being there for one another. Which also breathes the same air as Buen Vivir, Sumak Kawsay. Hyping each other up is also an expression, in the same way that the feminist hip- hop artists use rap as an avenue of liberation.

Feminista Encuentro in Ecuador by Jenesis García

Left to Right: Ana Cano Black Mama, Taki Amaru, Calle Cayejera, Yeka Libre.

August 17, 2018

It’s such a profound experience to gather powerful women in the hip-hop community for the cause of feminism. This picture was taken when the question was asked. How can hip- hop be used as medicine. Taki Amaru responded the following. “I use it as a vehicle to give the messages that my spirit needs to give”. I interpreted this as something that does not make up her entire life but it’s a tool that she freely uses to be able to transform her life. And so many of us use various tools to be able to create the lives we want to live. They express their truth through word and through rhythm. And at the same time they bring us all together to resonate and dance to their messages.

Idea Incubator

The Womxn Who Rock (un)conference Idea Incubator Forum is a Brave Space attempting to create Safe Spaces for Everyone. Veteran community organizers, women of color expressing their experiences with oppression, and privileged white men working together to practice vulnerability, humility, and create safe spaces. Come down and learn how you can help!

The Cap Report

Creation, Activation and Preservation of cultural space. Of the arts and different ethnicities. Does not cover housing insecurities. This report is what the city of Seattle is doing to  perserve space. The banks dont trust artists. So when developers create a building they don’t include a space that supports for cultural and artistic experience.

Why is the public realm associated with buying. When people hang out and go out it to engange in capitalism. So then its important to have spaces where people can just be and exist in an infastructure where they dont just have to buy things.

Artist work live space. In solidarity with creators that cant live with the material they work with. Built environments are not accomodative.

The city needs to support artists!!!!!