Feminista Encuentro in Ecuador by Jenesis García

Left to Right: Ana Cano Black Mama, Taki Amaru, Calle Cayejera, Yeka Libre.

August 17, 2018

It’s such a profound experience to gather powerful women in the hip-hop community for the cause of feminism. This picture was taken when the question was asked. How can hip- hop be used as medicine. Taki Amaru responded the following. “I use it as a vehicle to give the messages that my spirit needs to give”. I interpreted this as something that does not make up her entire life but it’s a tool that she freely uses to be able to transform her life. And so many of us use various tools to be able to create the lives we want to live. They express their truth through word and through rhythm. And at the same time they bring us all together to resonate and dance to their messages.

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