Group 3, Womxn Who Rock (un)conference, Live Blog #1: Entering the space

I believe there is a strong power in the energy you can feel at a new space, when you have just stepped in. And if there is something I will never stop been amazed by, is the human capacity of building parallel universes within four walls. Our capacity of imagining and using all art forms to welcome different intersecting identities through our creativity truly is magic, and looking at how the conference unfolded, I can say that at least for me and team number 3, Saturday was a day where we were transported to the shores of Puerto Rico, or the lands of Veracruz, taken by the hand of rhythms that healed and awoke us. “Without romanticizing though!”, as Iris Viveros commented several times during the Q&A, I will start describing that day with the physical space, moving on to the invisible power of music.


Embedded at the belly of Beacon Hill, the smell of Pan Dulce accompanied those curious visitors of the different art vendor stands. You could find natural products for your hair, printing and paintings, as well as cool cards and necklaces. Coming from a culture where it is more common to gather as a community and learn traditional dance and songs with the little ones, this space made me feel at home with Afro-Latinx sounds that I had heard growing up in the metropolis of Barcelona, but I never knew how to name or where to trace its origins.

Women Who Rock (Un)Conference 2016

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The 6th Annual Women Who Rock (un)Conference will be held on April 7 and 8, 2016 at Heritage University. The annual (un)Conference is participant-driven and centered around issues of gender, race, class and sexuality. Our goal is to expand on “who” counts as women and “what” counts as rock. The (un)Conference includes dialogue about women, music and social justice; small group sessions; tradition and skills sharing workshops; music making; and children’s activities.

This year, Women Who Rock seeks to achieve our goal by focussing on creating opportunities for local, trans-national and trans-temporal through dialogue about Indigeneity, womanhood and maintaining connections to history through traditions. The National Public Radio, Latino USA radio show produced by Maria Hinojosa on the relationship between Latinos and Native Americans on the Yakama Reservation has been a source of inspiration for this conference.

Save the date! Women Who Rock Community unConference 2015: Rocking Media Justice

WWR Save the Date 2015

Mark your calendar!


The Women Who Rock (WWR) Community will celebrate our 5th anniversary on Saturday, March 7th, with the 2015 WWR unConference, an event where we strive to create a space for women to participate together in discussing ways for Rocking Media Justice. The 2015 WWR unConference will take place on Saturday, March 7th at Rainier Valley Cultural Center, featuring a moderated roundtable dedicated to solidarity within organizers, roundtable discussions with the community, a skills-share space, where attendees can float from booth to booth, collecting different methods for rocking media justice, a cypher, and a community-created altar.

Stay tuned for the 2015 WWR unConference poster! Coming soon…

For now, here are some juicy deets on the events of the 2o15’s unConference:

Saturday’s events::
Musical Brigade
Intergenerational Roundtable Discussion
Skill Swap Bazaar
5th Anniversary CAKE

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Save the Date! 2014 Women Who Rock: Making Scenes, Building Communities unConference

Save the date for the 4th annual Women Who Rock:  Making Scenes, Building Communities unConference.  Altar Building, Art Bazaar, Film Festival, and more!  Special guest performer Evelyn Harris @ 8pmFriday, April 25, 2014.  Evelyn Harris event held in conjunction with the EMP Pop Music Conference 2014.

All Ages!  Babies & Children Welcome!

All events free at Historic Washington Hall in Seattle’s Central District @ 153 14th Avenue Seattle, Washington 98122. Bring cash for food and arts bazaar.

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Twitter @womenwhorock206

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Please contact us if you’d like to volunteer!

Be part of the Women Who Rock planning collective for our April 24th film festival, community altar, crafts bazaar, cypher jam, music showcase and special guest speaker event! Bring a friend!

Please help spread the word by inviting your friends, FB or in person! Our special honored keynote guest is Evelyn Harris, formerly of Sweet Honey in the Rock!

More info @

Snacks provided!

All meetings at Historic Washington Hall, 153 14th Ave, Seattle 98122

Meetings 12 noon to 2pm. Future meeting dates:
March 2
March 16
March 30
April 6
April 13
April 20
April 25 EVENT


A HUGE congratulations to the band Quetzal for winning the Grammy for Latin rock, urban or alternative album for their song “Imaginaries”!!!  Martha, we are so proud of you and cannot send enough love and support from Seattle –> LA!,0,4736259.story


Check out the song “Imaginaries”