Crecemos Juntos

La jente aqui pueden bailar y bailar y no se cansan! Abi jente afuera jugando musica por mucho tiempo. La musica que estaba jugando estaba en espanol, pero toda via via jente que no eran espanos jugando guitarra para todos. Era algo muy buenito, todos se parecian unificados. Es triste que toda la jente no se pueden handar quentos como la jente aqui en este retrato. It didn’t matter if you were white, black, Hispanic, or Asian, everyone dancing and playing music was just trying to have a good time together. I love the picture I posted along with this blog post because it shows a mother and her nina bilando juntos. So everyone involved is making this a growing event that could be an experience passed on from one generation to another.

2015-03-07 15.34.27

No Toda la Jente en Este Mundo Eson Crueles (1-3pm)

Que puedemos acer para ayudar a otra jente? Todos somos differentes, y la jente aqui saben eso. La jente aqui quieren que todos se sientan importantes. The Panal speaking right now never keeps their mouths shut, they’re aware of everything that goes on in the world that isnt fair to us people of color. These women are all activist, they want to inspire people to help others who may not know how to get help. There is a women who is originally from Canada who made a strong point about the present. At this very moment there are women and children being raped, used for human trafficing, and beaten, and just because CNN doesn’t tell the world about it, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be aware of it and try to inform others. El Mundo es un lugar cruel, y ay jente que eson muy cruel, pero no toda la jente en este mundo eson crueles. Ay jente como las mujeres aqui que son buena jente y que quieren ayudar a otras persons. These people are all acting out of selflessness and passion for something they believe in.

-Heaven Aguilar

Musica es Poder(1-3pm)

Toda la jente que estaban bilando y cantando estaban muy orgullosos y felizes! Me encanto ver todos tan felizes, aqui en esta region no hay tantas cosas espanoles como en Eastern Washington, eso es de dendo yo soy. Los biales que estaban haciendo me recordaban de las fiestas que antes tienia con mi familia. It was great seeing how genuine everyone is around here, and of course it was awesome seeing so much spanish influence in their performance. The way everyone was signing and dancing together made it feel like I really was experiencing a different culture first hand. Toda la jente que están aquí tienen mucho energía! Everyone was having an awesome time and were just letting everything go as if nothing else but the music mattered. I’m hoping to see more performances like that where people just let loose.

-Heaven Aguilar2015-03-07 13.28.51

Sin justicia no hay paz (1-3pm)

“No justice, no peace, no racist police!” Dejo una mujere muy joven. Aqui estan jente de todas partes y de todos differente colores. Ay jente que cantan, bilan, y jente que vienen a supportar y hacer una buena infulencia para otra jente. A woman from Mexico City said some very simple, but wise words. “Your life matters”. She talked about her experiences in Mexico and how she was tortured and not privileged with the same things we are in this country regarding sexuality and it was very inspiring. She is one of the many people at the even who came not only to talk about music, but to influence the world around them, and they are able to use music as a tool for expression, bring people together, and sending out positive messages.

-Heaven Aguilar