Musica es Poder(1-3pm)

Toda la jente que estaban bilando y cantando estaban muy orgullosos y felizes! Me encanto ver todos tan felizes, aqui en esta region no hay tantas cosas espanoles como en Eastern Washington, eso es de dendo yo soy. Los biales que estaban haciendo me recordaban de las fiestas que antes tienia con mi familia. It was great seeing how genuine everyone is around here, and of course it was awesome seeing so much spanish influence in their performance. The way everyone was signing and dancing together made it feel like I really was experiencing a different culture first hand. Toda la jente que están aquí tienen mucho energía! Everyone was having an awesome time and were just letting everything go as if nothing else but the music mattered. I’m hoping to see more performances like that where people just let loose.

-Heaven Aguilar2015-03-07 13.28.51

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