Workshop 2: Engaging

The second workshop I attended at the WWR conference was a workshop to learn how to screen print shirts with a logo. At first I thought the shirts were going to be made with a press because that’s the only way I knew how to put logos on shirts. But when I saw their machine, I was really surprised. The way they made the shirts was they would open their machine and lay down a shirt flat in the middle. Then why would close the machine and on top there was screen with the logo on it. After they poured some black ink and use a squeegee to spread out the ink. They lifted the screen and the logo was on the shirt. I was really surprised how clear and bright the logo was. It looked better then a pressed shirt. One of the ladies at the workshop explained to me you can either buy a screen printing machine or you can make one, it’s really simple. Now if I ever feel like making a shirt, I know I’m going to try and make it using a screen print.

Workshop 1: emerging

There is an awesome music workshop going outside of the cultural center. People are singing, dancing, and playing music. There are instructorrs on hand to teach people how to play the some of the instruments. I tried to learn how to play the one of them. It was a small gutiar. They showed me 3 simple strings to play. I thought to myself it wasnt so hard. But when it was time to put it together, things became complicated. I thanked the lady who was instructing me for being so patient with me. She explained to me that although its a only 3 simple strings, it takes many hours of practice to get the rythm down and be able to play it fluently. I admir their ability to play do well.