Workshop 2: Engaging

The second workshop I attended at the WWR conference was a workshop to learn how to screen print shirts with a logo. At first I thought the shirts were going to be made with a press because that’s the only way I knew how to put logos on shirts. But when I saw their machine, I was really surprised. The way they made the shirts was they would open their machine and lay down a shirt flat in the middle. Then why would close the machine and on top there was screen with the logo on it. After they poured some black ink and use a squeegee to spread out the ink. They lifted the screen and the logo was on the shirt. I was really surprised how clear and bright the logo was. It looked better then a pressed shirt. One of the ladies at the workshop explained to me you can either buy a screen printing machine or you can make one, it’s really simple. Now if I ever feel like making a shirt, I know I’m going to try and make it using a screen print.

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