Dia De Los Muertos Reflection Group 7 GWSS 451: Latina Cultural Production

Cowlitz Indian Tribe Altar, set up in remembrance of the countless Indigenous women/girls that have gone missing. Photo taken at Centro La Raza, November 1st 2019


We chose to place this image under the Ceremonial/Healing category because this altar is displaying the acts of violence against Indigenous women historically, and the increased awareness of the growing amount of Indigenous women that are disappearing. This altar not only serves as a form of remembrance for those lives that were lost, but also as a form of advocacy to help stop the violence from continuing. This is a prime example of “la cultura cura,” It helps move towards healing the wounds of loss, celebrate their lives and advocate for a better future.

Cultural Merchandise, booths set outside the Día de los Muertos festival sold both traditional and modern merchandise. Photo taken at Centro La Raza, November 1st 2019 

Focus On Cultural Identity

This image was placed in the cultural identity category because it reflects garments that help individuals showcase their identity. It also shows how art can encompass many parts of a culture, from the things your wear, the cultural traditions you practice, to the stories you tell – it is all apart of culture and what makes it beautiful and  unique. 

We selected these two pictures in particular because we believe that the culture that our families teach us is integral to knowing who you are to others and most importantly who you are to yourself. This goes hand in hand with the concept of how the space between life and death is healing, and art being one of those outlets where as the saying goes, “la cultura cura”. Both of these pictures portray aspects of cultures that are being used as a source of healing. For example, those who set up the altar in remembrance of all the missing Indigenous women were engaging in a form of healing. The process of collecting pictures, and other objects to place on their altar requires constant reflection on the lives that are lost and those who are present today keeping their memory alive through this act.

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