The memory and power of Tony Esquivel’s Art

I had a long beautiful in depth conversation with Tony Esquivel’s son. Ton Esquivel passed away about five years ago, but his memory lives on through his work. Beacon Arts connected with Tony’s son to make this ofrenda. Tony talked to me about how his father made many of these paintings within the last fifteen years of his live. He made these paintings as a means of establishing his identity. For many years, his father struggled with who he was due to the oppression that the Catholicism can put upon people. This lead his offer to gravitate into the indigenous aspect of being Chicano. Here, he found peace. His is most prevalent with in his depictions. Tony’s son told me how they are slowly are revealing his fathers work to the public, and believe the sharing of his story would be the greatest thing. I also I enjoyed being able to see the amount of emotions in even the animals facial expressions in Tony’s work. His work is well informed, powerful, and must be showed and shared to the world. Tony is thoughts and powerful ideas live beyond his death and are now immortal through his work.

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