WWR Group 4 Blog Post #1

Promised Land tells the story of two tribes, the Chinook and Duwamish, who were both denied official recognition by the US Government. The first act of the film highlighted the experience of various tribe members and leaders, and gave the history of the US Government attempting, but failing to follow through, on reserving rights for the tribes of the Pacific Northwest. There were stories of longhouses being burned down to make room for real estate, and the Chinook tribe was told to move north or be refused to be recognized by the Senate as a real tribe.

After viewing the first act, the two co-directors along with two guests spoke about what reclaiming space means to them. To them, it’s not just about the land. It’s about their history, their livelihood, their lifestyle. Currently, the autonomy of 4 Culture is being threatened, and they gave a call to action to everyone to fight against this. 4 Culture is a center that provides access for minority populations to express their cultures, especially the ones that are most at risk. Without those institutions, their culture would not have survived, and we must defend the places that provide people of color with a space to express their identity.

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