Group 2 Live Blog 2

At the Idea Incubator Forum in the room next to the panel, there was a safe space for discussion about what we’d heard discussed earlier in the day. Here, discussion ranged in topics from how to share experiences with more privileged people, how to empathize as someone on the side of privilege. These discussions helped enhance personal understanding of the things we’ve talked about. A few key concepts we identified were the irony of Seattle as a bastion of localism, as well as the inherent problems built into neoliberalism when it comes to economic and power structures. We also saw displays made by University of Washington Bothell students on the health effects of gentrification outside of the Seattle area, in places like Redmond and Everett. These exhibits showed that these problems we face aren’t limited but to Seattle, rather they’re all over the Washington area, and the world as a whole.

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