Womxn who Rock (Un) Conference

Annette Taborn, Reese Tanimura, and friends are currently performing blues jam in the MOHAI Atrium. The band’s presence at this conference represents their support for womxn through claiming the space and performing their music. The members introduce themselves after performing their first song, sharing with the audience that their bass player is a former member of the first all women of color rock band in Seattle. The band passionately plays their music, as the lead singer notes that “blues is the folk music of the people.” The lead singer uses not only her voice to create sound and claim space, but she also uses a variety of other instruments, such as a harmonica and a shaker-type instrument.

The band also goes on to invite individuals from the crowd to go on stage and perform with them; this is representative of inviting others to fight for just causes (e.g. justice for women). One individual joins the band and is heard through their playing of the tambourine.

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