Blues Jam

Group 15


As soon as you open the main doors to MOHAI, the sound of blues echoes throughout the atrium, filling the wide open space with the ringing of music. Annette Taborn, Reese Tanimura, and other musicians stand upon a stage and alternate between jamming out and describing their life experiences and involvement with music during their life. Their music enlivens and excites the atmosphere, as people in the crowd get into the groove, dancing, clapping, and rocking out in the beat of the bass line, Annette’s harmonica riffs and signature voice, and the rhythm of the percussion. Annette Tabor is described as someone who has been involved with music her whole life, and is a musical archivist with a personal connection with blues and jazz music. Not only does this performance energize the conference as a whole, it reminds us that beyond the archives and the history, we are all here to celebrate the involvement of women in music and to create a center of appreciation and respect for those who are often excluded from the platform.

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