Unapologetically Chigonx – Queering Altar Making

I love seeing all the different representations of the queer communities of color, it makes my heart full but with that also heavy to see all the innocent lives lost to systems of oppression whether that be homophobia or no access to health education and resources. It definitely is a reminder that altares are inherently political, as they are a form of resistance against colonialism and sharing narratives that would otherwise go unnoticed by society at large and the governing state. I really feel such a spiritual connection to the art and altares in the very heavy topics they convey in the most beautiful and eye-catching manner, so as to show the beauty in resistence, the beauty in exsistance, the beauty of life, and how the tragedy of death can begin to heal through acknowledging the preciousness of life, and how we must work on constructing these narratives to move towards a better society so that these lives can be respected while living too.

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