Unapologetically Chigonx – Pt. 2 Ending the Night with Indigenous Ritual

The night ended with Aztec dancers in the rain, I’m currently soaked and freezing but there is a radiating warmth coming from within. From seeing how personal every altar was, to the mole, to familiar faces in my community, this whole experience was so positive and healing and necessary. It is necessary for people to practice such a sacred day, I could tell in their laughter during skits and the screams and applause at the very end of  the night. What really got to me was during the Aztec dance, a great roar of thunder greeted us, an acknowledgment of the skies and ancestors of our presence. It was a beautiful moment perfectly showcasing the communication we have with nature, within our community and with the dead.

2 thoughts on “Unapologetically Chigonx – Pt. 2 Ending the Night with Indigenous Ritual

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