Nobuko closes out a powerful session with song.

Thanks to Nobuko for an inspiring presentation.  So important to share this history and her energy.

Deeply moved by hearing Nobuko’s story.

Nobuko’s powerful telling of her journey reminds us of the many ways we can be connected in struggle.  Hear part of her tale here, from JANM.

Questions to start the day (with a fantastic soundtrack)

Monica Rojas invites us all to think about how we participate in systems of oppression. How can we name those practices and work collectively to change them? These are useful questions for each of us: what do I do each day to challenge oppressive systems? How can I share this work with others? Who can I learn from in these efforts? How can we remember that our struggles are global?

Personally, I am finding the energy and diversity of the Women Who Rock community inspiring and energizing. The music, the dance, the bodies, and the generosity remind me again of how narrow and circumscribed life in the university can be.