The Seattle Fandango Project

After the introduction of who and what the Women Who Rock organization are about, it was time for the Seattle Fandango Project to give the audience an upbeat performance. As the Seattle Fandango Project is coming up to the front of the theater, I was surprised by the amount of people that are performing. By my counting, I saw around 20 people up there singing and playing the instruments and I even saw a couple of the big kids that I had spent time with downstairs at the Kid’s Corner. They began their musical number with an intro played solely by stringed instruments and percussion. This intro then transitioned into singing and feet stomping, creating an utter cheerful mayhem in the theater. This refreshing performance really brought home the message about the importance of our community and culture.

Group 13

Opening Blessing by Patty

The March to the venue finally ended and doors are opened, welcoming guest audiences, volunteers, and facilitators involved with the Women Who Rock event, allowing them to take a seat in the Rainier Valley Cultural Center theater. Here, men and women from all sorts of age groups and races sit all around the theater as Patty prepares her opening performance of singing the traditional Native American chant. Before her performance, she made an announcement saying that we as the audience should try not to take any videos so that the audience could respect this traditional chant because this chant is personal to her. I’m glad she addressed that because this lead the audience to really give their focus on Patty and Patty’s performance undoubtedly captivated the audience, including me, especially when her strong singing voice projected throughout the theater, belting those high notes.

Group 13.