We’ve just finished hearing the panel, which was incredibly informative! Thank you to all the women who offered their stories and insights. We are now transitioning to workshops, always with music and dancing, of course. We’re enjoying the amazing sounds of Puerto Rican music right now, with a great bailarina leading the crowd in Puertorican dances. The energy is incredibly vibrant and the drums are keeping everything upbeat. All this, while some of the unconferencers are also enjoying the unmatched treat of tamales. And still on top of all this excitement we have people making pins and T-shirts, while others have opted to join in on some of the other workshops taking place. Some of these include a workshop on storytelling, ‘zine-making, and “Is Your Knowledge on Wikipedia?”

At the moment we’re listening to a panel discussion report back on the organizing they’ve been doing in areas surrounding Seattle and also at Standing Rock. Speakers have discussed how Standing Rock is not only a place of resistance but also a site where people educate one another on the battles indigenous people face. They have also emphasized the importance in recognizing the spirituality present a Standing Rock. One of the recent speakers informed us about her work in King County, trying to organize in areas where minorities deal with those affiliated with the KKK or other supremacist organizations and how these people have managed to gain power to oppress through high positions of power in these communities. Her organizing focuses on changing the dynamic of these local administrations and giving minorities intersectional spaces in which to find support when they do not have access to safety in numbers, the way they might in places like Seattle. We’ll see what other discussion topics come up as more speakers offer reports on their work!