Group 13 Women Who Rock Live Blog #2

The conference just moved to a separate room together. The speaker is introducing the different panelists of the conference. Each have a unique background, such as growing up in Ghana and exploring art scenes from Mexico. The organization “Artist Coalition for Equitable Development” is all about fostering the soul in the community of the city. They are talking about what it means to make space more inclusive in Seattle. The general trend is that Seattle is shifting from a “neighborhoody” city to a more money-driven city. They said it’s important to confront the lawmakers directly in order to make a change, even if its is uncomfortable. Ana Cano aka “Black Mama” is giving her experience of the same phenomenon happening in Ecuador. She is driving home the point that everybody must come together to fight to make a change.

Group 13 Women Who Rock Live Blog #1

The Women Who Rock Conference has begun! Cecile Ann Hansen is the chair of the Duwamish tribe. She fought many injustices towards the Duwamish tribe, such as the loss of traditional lands and the loss of fishing rights. The Women Who Rock conference started out with a blessing from her, which is inspirational coming from somebody with so much history and relations to the Native Americans of Washington. This relates to the idea of giving everybody a voice. The Native Americans have a history of being suppressed by others and the government, so it’s important to hear what Cecile Hansen has to say and share in her experiences. Although she is not a woman rocker, she relates to the theme of claiming space in the changing city of Seattle. Despite Seattle evolving, she strives to get her voice out there and have others share in the important tradition of the Duwamish tribe.