AIDS Quilt

During the conference held by Anne Balsamo, she brought up the project that involved the AIDS quilt. The AIDS quilt is a quilt that was assembled by donators to honor family and friends of loved ones that died due to AIDS. Anne Balsamo and her group brought this quilt to Washington DC In order to show and let people come and reminisce in their memories. Unfortunately the weather was not at par with sunny conditions, so they came up with an alternative idea. Anne and her team turned the 84,000 panel quilt into an online database. Not only did this benefit the people in Washington DC who could not see the laid out quilt, this allowed anyone in any state to view and reminisce in the memories.

-Kyle Helgerson


Anne Balsamo

Anne Balsamo started her conference today speaking about people and technology, how people are constantly engaging in the material of the world in order to create the foundation for future word making ideas. Anne mentioned in her lecture that people are starting to use new tools in technology so that they could “break the norms” and create something new, just like music. Artists are constantly “breaking the norms” in order to entertain a new or keep their audience always coming back to their shows. Turn tables are a great example of technology that helped change the music world. Turn tables provided a new style to music that nobody had thought of before, this allowed for a more unique sound and eventually a new type of music was born from it.

-Kyle Helgerson