Dancing Alongside Black Mama

This image is from the end of Black Mama’s live performance. Here Professor Michelle Habell-Pallan and a guest who attended the symposium came up to start dancing along to Black Mama’s music. Once Prof MHP and the guest came up, it encouraged more guests to join them. Moments after this picture was taken, there were at least 15 people dancing! This image is impactful because it shows how just a small group of people can create a supportive and inclusive community to invite others to join in with them. What I saw here is reflected throughout Plurifeminisms, as its purpose is to integrate a diverse group of people to come together, ultimately making an inclusive space for all. It can start small, but grow into a huge community.

Creating the Ofrenda

In this image, we can see Paloma (right), and Kelly (left), working together to put candles on the ofrenda. This was only one tiny part in the process of making our ofrenda, which was made in honor of Madre Tierra, Mother Earth. The candles represented fire, and we chose to put the pink colored candles in the front so they could match the pink flowers that were lying beside them. Setting up the ofrenda was an experience that allowed us to connect with one another. We have not spent lots of time together in person, as class has been online, but being able to come together to create an altar felt very rewarding. Our group was flexible, supportive, kind, and eager to have outside conversations with each other.