Children’s Panel

The children’s panel, which kicked off a larger discussion is a wonder reflection on the day as a whole. Starting with some comments from the youngest participants of the conference (highlights including, “I loved the grass to play on” “Women who rock is a celebration!”) this portion then opened up to a discussion on the day and parts that were enjoyable and aspects that have been strengthened. This portion really encapsulates the event as a whole: a really open place to share, reflect, connect, educate and a plethora of other elements. This feels as though it’s the “closing ceremony” of the Women Who Rock (Un)Conference. One commenter in the audience said that it’s a place to, “honor the voices of women” which really helps to also sums up the warmth of the conference leading up to the cypher of the conference. And there is going to be cake before the cypher well. What could be better than educating yourself, music, making connections, and cake?!