“community is what makes us powerful”

image image The amount of work and organizing that goes into something like women who rock is astounding. Everyone involved is a community organizer, educator, and/or activist. The people who attend want to see change in their community and enjoy discussing ways to make this happen. This is what makes the unconference so powerful. It’s fluidity and relaxed energy transforms the cultural center into a host of creative ideas. Community is powerful and women who rock, believes it. Every individual matters, their stories are important and need to be hear. Women of color are often ignored, excluded, and set in the background. Unconferences like women who rock place women of color at the forefront, making their identities and experiences valid and the star of the experience. Through these photos we can see the audience moving things forward, listening intently to the panel discussion and marching through downtown Columbia city chanting things like, ‘no justice, no peace, no racist police!’ And, ‘we want justice for all women’. All important and all powerful, without a leader, systems of oppression can not focus on just one individual and get rid of them. We are all leaders. We are all leading it. Community is powerful.


Group 15



Bringing street activism indoors!

Our panelist discussion moderators are powerful women of color activists working with women of color against systemic racism. They are leading a chant, ‘no justice no peace, no racist police’ and everyone is chanting along. This is power. This is movement. This is beauty. Aretha is one of the moderators; she is a student at UW Bothell and a strong outspoken ally who I have met at Black Lives Matter marches. Her words have always been uplifting and her actions have always been about strength. Seeing the papel picado and flores de papel surround the panelists creates an environment of safety and celebration. We are all celebrating our truths and the fact that we are all here together, sharing our experiences. Encouraging each other to change the world.

Group 15