Music Honoring the Past, Present, and Future

The steps of the fandango steppers symbolize the steps of our ancestors who led the way for us to be in this space. Some recent, some distant, some ourselves, we all came into this space to honor the present, pat and future.

The Seattle women steel-pan drummers also honor the everlasting unifying power of music, filling the participants bodies with colorful movement. Playing a song that represented the new ownership of this music by women, these beautifully talented women epitomize just that. Multigenerational, multicultural, the intersectionality in this group is inspiring and accessible. 


Kids Who Rock: Our Future Ancestors

Parents are so often made to feel shame for their children’s actions, for their kids being kids. Society is a fan of putting people into boxes. Mothers are supposed to keep their children in check. They’re told do dim their children’s light when they’re in public. This space is so revolutionary for allowing kid’s lights to shine brightly. They got to dance around, run around, give their input and be acknowledged like the real human minds that they are. Like facilitator Luzviminda Uzuri “Lulu” Carpenter put it, “Kids are our future ancestors.” Let’s treat them like it.

Mercedes Delgado