Performance: Where do I come from? Que de donde vengo? // Group 6, Live Blog Post #2

The first performance was a raw and real. It captures the yearning of an entire community, reclaiming voices to be powerful and bold and uncovering years of trauma through creative practices. It was so emotional because of the simplicity of the performance. It was bare feet hitting against a wooden board. The women wore white, their hair down, their arms flying as they moved their skirts in a wave. The lyrics were simple but I felt such an impact because of the emotional trauma that came through when speaking of where she came from. Shouting, we come from “una historia vieja, mala contada”, from “los sueños de nuestros ancestros”, it’s honoring the knowledge that came before us and the history that has been tainted. This powerful performance was a way to integrate women power through the feminine sounds of the rhythms while weaving the knowledge of their indigenous heritage.

In search of her identity, she revealed to is that in the uncovering of stories that have not been told, we will find our medicine. In the search of identity, you begin to find what society has placed on you, the restriction and expectations that stray us from our actual self. It’s this journey of self discovery that will dismantle judgements and free our true nature, our true selfs. 

Arriving at the event! //Group 6, Live Post #1

Arriving at the 9th annual Women Who Rock event, the vibe in the room is buzzing. The lively music sets a light mood while scattered conversation and laughter comes from every corner. Our professors are beaming, a mixture of nervous and giddy excitement, they’re ready to get the event up and going. A beautiful ofrenda sits at the front of the room. Yellow and orange paper flowers decorate the alter along with delicate piece of papel picado. Portraits, pictures and art work capture the loved ones that we wish to celebrate and honor. The ofrenda perfectly captures the essence of honoring and spreading ancestral knowledge because it’s a direct connection with those who have passed.  By continuing to acknowledge their existence for decades, the ofrenda is a way to explore the duality of human existence. 

Starting off the event with a blessing and cleansing of the room, I felt at peace. It was amazing to be a part of thanking the space and thanking all of the happiness that will be created through song, dance, and conversations. Acknowledging that we are in sacred space and on sacred land, it was important to honor those who have been here before us and those who are overlooked and silenced. What an amazing kick off to this event!