Social media

Both Star and Jacque, when asked about the impact of social media on their work, expressedthe amount of privilege that we often don’t realize we have within our smartphones and social media. Jacque discussed the impact of social media to the movements behind ferguson and cases of social injustice in Mexico. She shared the example of how Mike Brown’s mother was able to speak and provide support to families in other countries who had their children taken. She stressed the power behind social media and how used as a tool for social justice, we could create further social change because it allows us to connect with other groups and band together And create a platform to bring oppression to light. Star spoke about the lack of media emphasis and underrepresentation  of native peoples within the local and national scales. She made the point that mainstream media neglects a huge portion of our communities or often portrays them in a negative light, which I think could be said for a lot of minority women including lgbt women.

-Bryonna S. Group 17

Leadership and Community

during the panel discussion, a main topic was leadership. Zola Mumford stressed the quality of empathy as one of the most crucial principals of leadership. She also suggested that an important aspect of leadership is the passion to inspire and uplift, to ignite passion in ons followers, as well as advance towards collective liberating goals for everyone. Danae Harrison expressed how she looks for inspiration in those younger than her because as a young person in school, she found that her creative abilities were not embraced by those around her. Danae went on to say that Creating leadership opportunities for young people creates space for community.

-bryonna S. Group 17