The panel of individuals who have been to Standing Rock and are leaders and organizers in the community just ended. They all shared their incredible experiences of what it was like to be at Standing Rock and what they were able to learn from it. They all emphasized the importance of telling our own stories and centerin indigenous people in how we understand the land and how we take care of our water and nature. It was really amazing to be in the presence of so many incredible individuals who also provided the audience with resources on how to get involved and where to find ways to be allies and get involved with so many different communities around Seattle and beyond.

LIVE blog

So far the conference as been beautiful and engergetic. I am impressed by how inclusive and diverse the community leaders and performers are. I am again reminded of the power of being a collective and having joy as one. My heart is full as I look at the singing and the dancing from across the world. The energy across the room is increasing and everyone seems to be having a great time. I love how people are getting up and dancing during the music and just being carefree. While I don’t know anyone here except the people I came with there is such an incredible energy that I feel safe and content participating in the beautiful performances and listening to the speakers.