Accessibility, Uncertainty but Community.

Throughout this class we’ve been in a hybrid mode, fearing that entering a classroom might result in exposure to COVID-19. This collective experience allowed us to find unique solutions to access the community, one of which being Zoom. However, this creativity has brought a new wave of accessibility even as we begin to meet in person again. During the Plurifeminism Within and Across Abiayla: Art -Law Praxis Symposium, those that couldn’t attend in person were still able to access the rich information and knowledge. This directly relates to the Chicanx futurism ideals we studied throughout this course, and the ones that the Symposium highlighted. It’s about accessibility and moving towards ensuring our platforms look different to ensure they reach everyone in the community. As someone who wasn’t able to attend the event in person, the online accessibility allowed me to still be a part of the event. Chicanx futurism is all about creating new platforms as we move into the future, whether through music, speaking, or singing. This directly represents the future we want to move towards, one that includes all, even those that can’t be there in person!


Event Name: Womxn Who Rock

Subject Name: Caye Cayera

Location: Intellectual House, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, America

Time: 3:50 PM

File Name: IMG_1481

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