Preview-Plurifeminism en Abya Ayala

10 minutes before the event, great honor to be here! Some students seems nervous for being part of this conference, I understand that feeling, while others radiate with confidence!

It is really wonderful seeing all the ofrendas put together at the front! Despite being in an online-class setting most of the quarter, I am glad every group was able to overcome the troubles this may have caused, they all so wonderful. I really liked the different colors, docorations (lego flowers, fairy lights), themes (advocating for indigenous or to a more personal level like honoring a family member) each ofrenda demonstrated. Students put a lot of work into this event and prepared for a long time for today! I hope the people who attended got the time to see the ofrendas from upclose.

For those who can still make it, please try to do! If not, hope you are able to join for next time.

My deeply thanks to Professor Michelle Habell-Pallan for providing students with this enriching opportunity. Wish future students get to join Feminism in the Borderlands for them to experience this conference once again!!

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