Expanding abortion access: memory ofrendas behind the speakers

Our memory ofrenda is dedicated to the green wave and honors the memory of Rosie Jimenez and other people who have died from restricted abortion access. We included elements of air, water, earth, and fire to help with this dedication. Air represents spring and new beginnings, and recently, the green wave has had many successes in expanding abortion access across Abya Yala. We decided to use flowers to represent this new era of expanded rights. We used tea to represent water. Tea has been used as a method to induce abortion in the past. We used an apple to represent earth. Rosie Jimenez was a teacher, so we wanted to make sure we honored that part of her life. We used tea candles to represent fire. Fire represents passion, so we wanted to show the passion and dedication people are putting into the movement. We also represented fire through the signs at the bottom which give information about protests that are happening in Seattle and show passion that people have for the movement. Finally, we put rose petals across the ofrenda to further honor Rosie.

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