Silent Death, Group 1

Today, Dia de Los Muertos is being celebrated at El Centro de La Raza in Beacon Hill. This celebration started at five in the afternoon. At this celebration multiple people set up their altars, each one with a different meaning, everyone representing a deceased someone who meant something special to them. The altars as seen in the picture above were to celebrate death in a happy way and make everything colorful and beautiful to remember our loved ones. At this celebration we also had food, many people from all around joined us to commemorate our loved ones and this beautiful tradition in Mexican culture.
Our altar represented the deaths of those who were trans/queer women and immigrants. Our altar represented the silencing of the significance of the death of these people and their importance on this day. Many people stopped by and asked about our altar and were impressed with our topics. In a way, we made justice for the death of these people because we were remembering on this day and honoring these specific people. It was very beautiful watching how people would acknowledge the death of those who have deceased in a beautiful way. This experience granted us a deeper understanding of the Mexican culture and its traditions, this event was amazing how it portrayed and represented a small part of how beautiful this culture is.

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