Our Beloved Selena- Group 2

November 1st, 2019 – 6:30pm

El Centro is packed! It is just as lively outside as it is inside, people are currently eating el pan de muerto and hot chocolate, provided by El Centro. Additionally, performances are occurring, right now a clown dressed in full Dia De Los Muertos attire is doing a comedy act. By the entrance of El Centro people are selling panchos, food, and art, all in the spirit of Dia de Los Muertos. I asked the couple pictured up above what “Dia de Los Muertos meant to them,” they began to explain how its a day of remembrance, and not a day to be sad. Further on explaining how people should not be afraid of death, but rather embrace it. It’s a day to celebrate those who have left us, but also remember the beautiful soul and presences they left on earth.

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