Let’s move!

During my experience here at the Feminista Futurisms: Afro-Indigenous Muxeres in Hip Hop event, there has been so much great discussion on how art is powerful and can be used as the bridge between our reclaiming of indigenous cultures and identities. Something that I’ve noticed throughout my time is how the words and music create movement.

The performers move in a certain way with no conventional structure to their dancing, but more let their music guide their bodies and they allow themselves to respond.

In a similar way, I noticed the same response from the audience. Everyone responds and moves a little differently because they may have a slightly different way of personally connecting; however, the energy and vibe in the encuentro is mutual. When we formed a circle and the performers performed raw without mics, the connection between the performers and audience was evidently heightened. Rather than a performance, it became an experience within a community. This was truly an experience I will never forget!

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