Group Discussion!

Here we have Lanessa and Makayla facilitating a panel with Black Mama, Caye Cayejera, Taki Amaru, and Gabriela Sinchy Gomez. These women are discussing how they empower women through their art, what their art means to them, and how they maintain self care. Additionally, they touched on topics such as the right to control one’s body, reproductive rights, patriarchy, and living as a biracial women, and what kind of privileges, disadvantages, and struggles that has presented.

These women all spoke very truthfully about their experiences as advocates for womens rights. It was inspiring to hear about the work that they are doing and the obstacles that they have had to overcome.

After this panel, we had live performances from Black Mama, Caye Cayejera, and Taki Amaru. Though there songs were in spanish, and I could not understand all of what they were singing word for word, they conveyed much of it with stage presence and expression of emotion.

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