Group 4: Feminista Hop Hop Encuentro Live Blog #2: Dialogue Time!

The open dialogue was a way to connect the women and the audience together to create important dialogue. One that stuck with me the most was Black Mama’s response to a question about her feelings of isolation. Black Mama said both her ethnic groups would reject her because of her appearance but she “needed the love of [her] people.” This impacted me the most because I could connect to that feeling of not being able to fit into one group. This reminded me of “mestizo” or “mixing” learned in class because Chicanos/as were not able to fit into one ethnic group so the creation of the word “Chicanos/as” was a way to include those people. Black Mama said those who don’t accept others are wrong and in the future, marginalization should be eliminated. Black Mama was able to use her own experience to connect with others and use music as a way to reach a broader audience. Black Mama’s experience allowed me to feel more connected to her and her words left a grand impression on me. So powerful!

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