Group 3, Womxn Who Rock (un)conference, Live Blog #6: Thoughts shared during the Q&A (Part 2)


As the Q&A Section of the event carried on, a we were analyzing “what art did to everyone”, the tone of the answers started shifting especially towards the act of healing through art. I personally related a lot to this characteristic that art brings to our lives: Since the age of 16 I have experienced constant periods of mental instability that have made It difficult for me to remember that I am worth my goals and my achievements, that I should always keep going, even when I am the one standing on my way. This year I started singing more constantly in a cabaret show that we organize with what I call my latinx adoptive family of friends here in Capitol Hill, and being able to express myself artistically has at least opened a way of being that I had forgotten while I was buried under the academic institution that has seen me grow since the age of 3. All I can think of now, is wishing for my college days to be over so I can go home in the evenings and rehearse, meet with my friends and continue building what we started!


One of the maestras opened up her past, exploring the intersectionality of her being POC and an artist womxn: “I think that dance and art is what made me possible. As a child I carried a lot of pain, I used to think I didn’t deserve love. But through music and dancing, as I was trying to discover who I am as an artist, I realized I was looking for a home, for validation. Art for me, is what made this realization possible. I had been trying to hid my blackness all my childhood: Getting into drumming and dancing helped internalize this process.” 


Art gives you the mental space to be able to walk without fear and with assentation. With proudness”.  – This is a phrase I will never forget, because it is true! That is why we need art so much in our lives! Another maestra followed up with her own comment on the subject: Art gives you a sense of belonging, it makes us feel as if all of us are here together and having our part to play. If I come and I listen to you singing in the coro, I will involuntarily join in the singing!

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