Group 14 Women Who Work Conference Live Blog Streams #1

The women playing Bombay was energetic and fun. The dancer engaged the audience in performing a dance while the drummers played an upbeat rhythm. Most of the audience that participated was to my surprise, the older members of the audience, the younger members did not participate as much as the adults, with that being said everyone who was dancing, was having fun and dancing with a smile on their face. The bomba dance is a very powerful form of art. Combining the different forms of art, such as music and dance, creates a merger of art, and becomes more alive. After the first break the lead dancer/speaker said “were dancing to the music, with the music, while making music” (speaker). In order to be cohesive dance and music must be in conversation with one another. The movements by the audience are reflective of the fun, upbeat conversation with the drums.

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