Womxn Who Rock Conference Live-Blog Group 15 Post 2

The Jarocho Rhythm and Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba Workshop was super fun! Led by special guest maestras: Ivelisse Diaz, Amarilys Rojas, Milvia Pacheco, Jade Power Sotomayor, Denise Solis, Monica Rojas and Iris Viveros. As someone who has never connected music to people this way, as someone who is usually not comfortable dancing, and as someone who is not experienced Puerto Rican and Latin culture, this was extremely impactful to me. Usually I see music as a very personal experience, but this performance has shown me how collaborative and communal most music in the world is. Everyone in the room became a performer and everyone had and has a piece of this great story to tell. Very beautiful experience to know that I have been a part of a tradition that goes back hundreds of years.

One thought on “Womxn Who Rock Conference Live-Blog Group 15 Post 2

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