Women Who Rock (Un)Conference 2019

Alexandra Parker, AFFRAM 337, Group 12

Live Blog #1

During the 2019 Women Who Rock (Un)Conference, guest were welcomed by a center stage decorated with a vast assortment of vibrant inviting colors and pieces of cultural art that reflect diversity within the community.The overall main goal of the Women who Rock project “is to engage scholars, musicians, activist, etc. to learn more about the role of women in popular music and the creation of various culture scenes and social justice movements”. The conference opened with a choreographed dance involving vigorous foot stomping and chants that displayed confidence, projecting a sense of strong female power through the sounds and rhythm. Following the opening dance, the guest were then invited to join a workshop involving a passionate bomba drummers where we were given the opportunity to connect with their community through the inclusion of being welcomed into their dance. The WWR (Un)Conference succeeded in creating an environment that feels inclusive in the sense of building a stronger community.

Live Blog #2

An acknowledgement of diverse and different cultural traditions, dance, and music was heavily present in the theme of the WWR (Un)Conference. There was high energy in the atmosphere coming from the performers and the audience who were filled with enthusiasm as the guests were dancing to traditional Puerto Rican Bomba music. Welcoming everyone to be included in this form of tradition that represents a bigger meaning of culture, rhythm, and confidence, seemed to give everyone a sense of empowerment within themselves. The Women Who Rock organization has seemed to have reached a successful milestone that presents to the public that the power music and dance is not just exclusive to particularly assigned groups, but within the whole community entirely. Creating stronger bonds that gives individuals a true safe haven where they feel like they can belong somewhere and make a significant difference in social justice and movements.         

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