Live Blog Post #1 & #2- AFRAM 337 Group 9- Tina Nguyen

Live Blog Post #1

One of the first thing I noticed when I entered was a lady wearing a beautiful red cultural skirt and going around the room with a bowl that seemed to have white sage burning and spreading it around and blessing it. After that there were a performance by Melia and Narice that were still working on and refining. The rhythm they continued to replicate was very addictive. It started getting a lot more powerful and emotional. Melia would start talking and raising her voice while having very distinct facial expressions that went with her voice. Even though I didn’t understand the language her tone of voice, volume and facial expressions really spoke out. The next event was the Bomba workshop, a participatory workshop that started off with reluctant participants at first who were shy. However things started to pick up pace as the event went further in. The rhythmic drumming and smiles on everyone around really pulled even more people in. The shouting, percussion and footsteps combined was echoing off the walls. It seemed as though ⅔ of the room occupants had joined in and with each dance step began to fully enjoy the people around them and the activity. One of the most memorable part of the workshop would have to be when they took fast paced steps back, pushing the people in the back to look for cover and move out of the way. The overall performance was so energetic, powerful and there was a sense of instant community in that moment. Seeing the same expression on everyone’s face around me was quite a relief from all the bad things happening in the world. A group of people who were mere strangers amount ago were acting together, unified through dance and song.

Live Blog Post #2

Another interesting thing I found while observing was that people from streets were getting interested as well. When I looked outside I can see passersby were wondering what all the sounds were about and so some of the them actually went in was smiling as they entered. Curiosity was shown throughout their face as they got closer to the dancers and percussionists. Seeing the same expression on everyone’s face around me was quite a relief from all the bad things happening in the world. A group of people who were mere strangers a moment ago were collectively uniting together through dance and song. It was very heartwarming to see people joining forces. Even though the start was a little rocky it turned out to be a big participatory event with a few onlookers by the side. As I was walking around I looked at the vendor’s displaying their work and it was amazing to see all the artwork and dedication these individuals have. Throughout the event one thing I really took away from this event was what Melia had talked about in the very beginning. About power and healing, this collective space was a way to get back indigenous treasures and culture that was stolen from them and proudly showing that to everyone. Decolonizing the space and realizing what land they’re standing on as Native American land and that we should pay respects to them and the land. Healing comes from reclaiming cultural traditions, language etc and today they showed how powerful women can be.

2 thoughts on “Live Blog Post #1 & #2- AFRAM 337 Group 9- Tina Nguyen

  1. I love your attention to how passersby got drawn in, and how curiosity and the willingness to engage created COMMUNITY.

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