Group 7 Women Who Rock (un)Conference Live Blog

Walking in, I feel an immediate warmth surrounding me. Not just from the people greeting me, but from the white sage scent and bright colors everywhere, getting me excited for the event to start. The paintings and decorated tissue paper is making me jump out of my seat. Evelyn Mikayla Martin(spelling may be wrong), a student at the University of Washington who is actively involved, came up first with an opening statement. I did not know that we were on Native American property, so that was very intriguing. I thought the art on the walls was very interesting because it is a graphic campaign started in Mexico by women bringing attention to gender violence which is very important. Some of the themes for this year are power of women and community, and the power of the rhythm. The first dance starts with a fiery passion of two women locking eyes and stomping their feet in a passionate rhythm. Their feet are stomping faster and faster making more of a beat. Singing has started, smiles are on their faces and hips are moving. The dance ended with a genuine hug between the two dancers and they mention that the dance is “Where do I come from” and is a piece about identity.

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