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One thing i noticed when i walked into the unconfetence i noticed that the atmosphere was very wonderful. Everybody was being respectful and and appreciative of the opportunity to come to a event like this. Cecile Hansen stood out to me. She has been working with the Duwamish Tribe since 1975. One that that Cecile said when she spoke was that we as students need to make a big change in the city of Seattle. She said the change won’t happen with just one of us it will happen when a big group of us decided to make a change. Lulu Carpenter owns a radio station that is based of out of the central district area.

During the panel they talked about how a change can be done in communities. One thing that came up often is that now a days money has a lot to do with power. It has now shaped who can speak and who cannot speak. It has shaped who people will listen to and who people will not listen to. Ixtlixochiti Salinas talked about how money shouldn’t have with anything. She also said if you want to make a change you don’t need the high status along with it. She also talked about how you need to be who you are don’t change to fit in be you. Black mama talked about how it’s not only happening here in North America it is also happening all around the world. She said in order for this to work together bring ideas together and not stay isolated like we have been.

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