WWR (Un)Conference Group 8 Live Blog Post #1

The Claiming Space Breakout Sessions have begun and a screening of Sara Salcedo and Cecile Hansen’s Promise Land is being held in the Prologue Theater. The film documents the roots of the indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest and the link of Seattle’s history to the indigenous peoples of the area. By documenting the Duwamish and Chinook history, Hansen and Salcedo’s film gives a voice to the history of the indigenous people in and around Seattle that have been written out of the history books. It exposes the amount of loss that the Chinook and Duwamish peoples experienced as the Pacific Northwest developed.Treaties were broken, lands were striped away, food sources were lost, and the indigenous people were displaced. Lands that had been inhabited by the Duwamish for generations were erased by the development of the city of Seattle.

After the first chapter of the film a discussion was held, where Julie C. said if you want to support the Duwamish and events such as today, you should support 4 Culture and call the state and advocate for the state not to take over 4 Culture.

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