WWR Group 4 Blog Post #2

It’s after lunch time now, and the early afternoon lull has hit. Conference goers wander back into the building to the blues-y sound of Annette Taborn’s harmonica. The lackadaisical tone of this part of the conference is welcoming, as this gives conference goers the opportunity to really appreciate what we came here to learn about: women’s music and women’s role in music.

As we listen to this all-woman blues band, we have the opportunity to examine the Altar that is in the Atrium. The Altar has photos of important women who have stood up and spoken loud about their identity and their values. Also spread throughout the Altar are quotes which cite the importance of the struggle women have experienced. There’s a photo of Tarana Burke with a quote that says “These women are able not just to share their shame but to put the shame where it belongs: on the perpetrator.”

Reading messages like this, while also listening to the music that is created by strong women who have struggled, really codifies the importance of what we are doing here today.

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