Womxn Who Rock Blog Post #2 : Group X

Claiming Space Breakout Session


The first breakout session was quite informative. The first breakout session, Claiming Space as Womxn Of Color. Inspired me about the topic of “equitable, sustainable development” in the Seattle area that can help young artists on the uprise. Currently, “the city is getting more crowded and expensive to live in”. This seems to be pushing out marginalized peoples in the Greater Seattle Area. We’re gonna have to come together and fight together to prevent “millionaires and billionaires from kicking us out”.

One speaker talked about how we must stand up, come together, and stand together to creative lasting change in Seattle and the World.

One impactful idea I got from one of the speakers is to own who you are. I think that this idea is very valid and applies to school, professional work, and life. It’s also very true in the music industry as many African-American female musicians  kept on singing and being themselves, which ultimately lead to their success. After many years of oppression and negativity, these artists’s work finally started to get played on the radio.


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