Womxn Who Rock Blog Post 2 Group 17/18

Following the panel, we were welcomed to watch the film Promised Land, a film about what it means to be Native American in modern times. It also goes in depth on the history of the Native American tribes in Washington and their histories. With a special focus on the Chinook and Duwamish nations. The movie does an excellent job delving into what the lands of the Native Americans mean to the nations, and places a focus on the treaties that “gave” the tribes their own lands. In the 1800s, white americans thought they were doing Native peoples a service by granting them lands, when in reality, the land was the tribes to begin with. The movie also notes that white people attempted to silence native culture through these treaties and places emphasis on the Native Americans that are trying to reclaim that culture.

Gavin Skaar

Group 17/18

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