Women Who Rock Conference 2018

The conference started with a great welcome by the various organizers of the conference that make this event possible. The organizers presented the theme and purpose of the conference to recognize and honor the various backgrounds and personalities of the people in Seattle as well as the world.

We now move into the first session of the conference where various key women within the music world were introduced. Each woman on the panel then got a chance to respond to questions on how Seattle and the local scene has changed and what marginalized people can do to claim space and be recognized as central aspects of a diverse community.

The panelists stressed the fact that everyone needs to take a stand to change the way things are. If the new generation works with the older generation, then we as a community can work to reclaim space for those that have been marginalized. As one of the speakers said, “we need to be more inclusive and less exclusive. It’s important to have those difficult conversations and learn about each other.” We as a society can change what is happening now and acknowledge those that have been oppressed and marginalized, we just need to take a stand.

— Group 7 from the University of Washington class reporting on the Women Who Rock Conference

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