Womxn Who Rock Blog Post #1: Group X

Off to a great start. The Women Who Rock Conference held at MOHAI started with a bang.

It was a beautiful day in Seattle. Sunny, but not too cold.


MOHAI served as a great stage for the Womxn Who Rock (UN)Conference. Attendees seemed pleasantly surprised by the amazing space.

When I walked in, I was immediately taken back by amazing setup. I was drawn to the Altar, where many stories of female strength in music were shared.


At around 10:45 am, attendees were enthralled by an Opening Blessing by Dwamish Tribe Chairwomen Cecile Hansen. She was very thankful to be included in the Agenda for the day. I found it funny when it said that “the Dwamish are still here”, reminding conference attendees that Native American heritage is still alive and well in the Pacific Northwest. The ceremonial blessing was a nice way to start out the conference because it helped to get people into the mood. It also made people thankful and appreciative of all the work that women did in this world that helped pave the way for future advancements in music.


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