Group 1 Sonia Singh (Live Blogger) Live Blog #2 – Womxn Who Rock (Un)Conference

A documentary was featured at the Womxn Who Rock (Un)Conference was Promise Land which is about the struggles and hardships the Duwamish tribe has gone through here in Seattle since the beginning. The Duwamish tribe is the only tribe that was not given a reservation due to the white settlers not wanting to give them their land. The land that they lived was slowly burned to the ground, became a dumping ground and was taken from them. A woman who co-directed the documentary has been an activist for the Duwamish tribe and has been the Chairwoman of the tribe since 1975 is Cecile Hansen. A story she told was that she stopped sacred land, which was an old village of the Duwamish, being destroyed by standing in front of the bulldozer. On her way home, she saw a bulldozer near the old village about to destroy it, she ran home and called the right people and they called off demolishing that piece of land. Because of Cecile Hansen, that old village, an important part of the Duwamish tribe was saved.

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