Closing Celebration

Group 15


After a full day of events, here at the Womxn who Rock (Un)conference, we begin to wind down a day of appreciation, respect, understanding of the musical activism in the changing city scene with a performance from Ana Cano, also known as Black Mama, a musical feminist from Ecuador with myriad musical backgrounds and traditions that manifest themselves in her music and influence the message her art purveys. Ana Cano’s musical messages speak right to the heart of this conference, as she embodies the goals and purpose of why we all came today. She speaks for freedom and equality, for fighting back the oppression by the majority power against those who are not white heterosexual males, especially in the violence and neglect of black women around the world. Her presence today speaks to the magnitude of this issue that we face today, beyond just this city but to places around the globe. And, in corroboration with Ana Cano, we have music with Dr. Jade Power-Sotomayor, that together, creates a mixing of melodies that emphasizes the mixing of cultures in unity for the same goal. In order to combat and protest this status quo, like those featured on the Altar in the grand atrium, we must speak out and celebrate those who risk and sacrifice themselves in order to enable others to experience respect, power, and equality in a better quality of life.

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